What are Truffuls?

Apple-PinkJust like the chocolate confection (truffles), Truffuls are high quality, highly sought-after delectable morsels that tempt and delight you. You covet and savor them, collect and desire them. Irresistible is their power to entice you into wanting more.

Wether it is an ornament, bowl or hollow form, I work closely with Mother Nature and allow the wood to decide what it wants to be. I respect the resource of my art and my initial idea may have no relation to what the ultimate piece turns out to be.

Wood is earthy, warm and sensual. Wood is one of Mother Nature's greatest gifts and she really let her spirits go wild when she created it. Every single piece of wood on the planet is unique; a jewel waiting to be unveiled.

Every storm, flood, fire, nail, bug, broken branch, or garage sale sign that a tree encounters leaves its mark and the tree reacts to each encounter. This creates some of the most amazing woods you will ever see.

Wood is alive; full of depth and glowing grain that changes and draws you in. Even after the tree has been harvested the wood continues to move with its environment; expanding or shrinking with changes in moisture.

But what’s with the name?

Bow WowMy first Trufful pieces were made out of aged figured Walnut. With the wood turning at 3900rpm the globe looked like a chocolate truffle! Slowed down to 500rpm for sanding it looked like a truffle dipped in cocoa powder. When my first customer said they were “irresistible” that sealed the deal.

Far from utilitarian!

I make art, not utilitarian pieces. Please do not expose these pieces to water, food, cleaners or wax. Of course, you can do whatever you like with your purchased Trufful but it was made as a display piece, not a functional piece. You should always keep your wooden artwork out of direct sun light and away from moisture or damp storage areas. All wood will oxidize with exposure to light, there's nothing you can do about it. Some species may turn all muddy & dark, while others get more spectacular & vibrant, but sun will dry out the wood.

I welcome you to this online gallery of my turned creations I call Truffuls.